19-20 OCT 2024


Doctors, nurses and researchers at nearby Fort Detrick, working on a secret
project, unplugged some seemingly unnecessary cooling units in order to
maintain their coffee and donut fund. Unbeknownst to all but a few
Top-Level Researchers, these cooling units were keeping the dreaded
Zomboxococcus Bacteria from replicating. Once warmed, the bacteria managed to escape, infecting researchers, then base personnel, then local Maryland and Virginia citizens. Rapidly spreading out of control, a grass-roots
contingent of uninfected and armed 1 st Responders was created to try to
control the outbreak.

The HESCO Zombie Invitational multigun match should provide every participant with challenges not readily found in general competitions. As we all know, Zombies are best eliminated with a round to the infected brain. This is roughly an eight inch circle, which at 15 – 500 yards can be quite difficult.

Choose a category to participate in this year and register as soon as

Category #1 Participant – Original – Iron sights and rifle optics. No pistol optics, comps, etc. Center fired, mag fed rifle with or without optics but they must remain on/off for the entire match, shotgun (semi, pump or mag) with no optics.

Category #2 Participant – Open – Pistol with Carry Optics, but no magnification. Center fired, mag fed rifle with or without optics/red dot
with magnifier but they must remain on/off for the entire match, shotgun
(semi, pump or mag) with red dots.

Every participant will gear up each day with one long gun, one pistol (no
back-ups), a fixed bladed edged weapon of some sort and all related
equipment for the day’s stages – on their body. Firearms with a sling or in
a holster. Backpacks filled with snacks, water, ammo, Zomb-e-gone spray,
flip flops, spare batteries, whatever. What you leave the car with is all
you have for the day’s stages. THERE WILL BE NO RESUPPLY except for water. The place is overrun with Zombies. Re-supply is impossible. Bring a backpack, fill it, hope for the best. So, to repeat, carry anything you want, but remember, you must carry it for that day’s stages.


Safety is our top priority at the HESCO Zombie Invitational. Please read
below for how it works here.

No matter what your organization, unit, municipality, rank or seniority; safety principles and rules will be vigorously enforced. If you mishandle any firearm, do not show proper muzzle discipline, disregard instructions from RSO’s and designated Staff or otherwise show behavior considered unsafe, disrespectful or endangering others, you will be disqualified and sent home immediately.

Each participant will complete a Range Safety Briefing and sign a Liability Waiver before being allowed to compete.

All Hands Safety Briefings will be conducted before the competition starts and at each Stage of the event on both days.